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6 Reasons to buy a Student Pack

Our Student Packs are the new necessity for Students moving into their new accommodations. Students shouldn’t need to compromise luxury and quality for their student life. As a student, I've seen how we settle for cheap, poorly made items that barely last a term. I want to change that and offer students a way to be able to fill their new rooms with products that will last. As well as giving quality, we also want to make your new student life easier. That’s why we created StudentPacks. It has everything you need, all neatly packed, so you can unpack and fill your new home with ease. We make sure you have everything you need to fill the main rooms of your house: bedroom, bathroom and (most importantly) the kitchen. 


Our packs already have everything you need so there’s no need for you to go into different stores, looking for different products. The hassle of having to order different products from different websites, pay for separate shipping and waiting for them to get to you at different times. It’s a waste of time and inconvenient. 


Each pack is boxed up separately so that you can put your packs into their rooms and unpack it all there. No need to empty out an entire box trying to find each item for one room. The mess of the packaging and the mess of sorting it all out, it can be a bit overwhelming. Our Packs ease the stress making it easier to take on your new journey.


Just like how convenient it is, we made sure that each different pack has all a student needs when moving into their accommodation: towels, a frying pan, pillowcases. We even remembered things you might have forgotten (or just really wanted): a robe, mattress protector and tea towel. 


Our Packs are priced based on their quality and quantity. We offer Egyptian cotton towels and Hungarian goose feather duvets. These will keep you warm during the chilly winter months and give you an amazing sleep so that you’re ready for your classes. 


A student shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for affordability. We offer luxury products in Our Packs at an affordable cost because we want your accommodation to feel like walking into a 5-star hotel. We also offer low shipping pricing to match our low package prices. 

We want to give you a range so we have 3 Packs at 3 different prices so that it suits your budget. Style may be the least expensive but that doesn't mean that quality is compromised. It has the same number of items; there are just no brands. Our Luxury pack is just, luxurious. It has the quality and brands a student will love. Finally, our Elegance packs are stylish, luxurious and elegant. They have the well-known luxury brands and will make your accommodation feel like you're staying at a 5-star resort.


What makes Our Packs stand out is that they are full of well-known, trustworthy brands like Ralph Lauren, The White Company and Joseph Joseph. We want you to build your new home with products that will last, and keep you looking cool too. If you want more well-known brands, check out Our Elegance Packs, they’re full of them.

That is why you should buy our packs!