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About Us

We are a new business dedicated to making student life easier

Our Story

As a student (who regularly forgets things) I searched and read every "10 things a student needs when moving to university" or "6 things not to forget when going to university" and they were kind-of helpful, repetitive but interesting. However, they never went into detail and were designed for a quick read. As well as this, I watched my siblings take the next step and saw their struggles. Learning from them and the quick-read articles, I wondered upon starter packs designed for students. They were what I was looking for. They had kitchen packs, bathroom packs and bedroom packs.

Why does the story not end there? Well. I was quick to realise that they didn't include branded products. I understand they are marketing towards students with a lower budget, so to do so they want to make it as cheap as possible. However, I was willing to spend more money for a better quality pack, on something that will last; so that I don't have to re-purchase items when I've left university and my student loan has run out. I wanted something that would last longer than my student life. As well as that, I wanted to see packs with brands I know, brands i've used before, and packs for students with different budgets. 

That being said, I thought I found a small gap in the market and should hop on it quickly so that could get these packs out, giving students more options as soon as possible. I wanted to offer students packs that would suit their different budgets, needs and wants. If you want a cheaper pack with just the basics then check out our Style packs. If you are willing to spend more money for brands and high-quality then check out our Elegance packs. We also offer an in-between option which has high-quality and still includes brands that are well-known, if this calls out to you then check out our Luxury packs. We also have a Blossom pack  which is our newest pack reaching out for more students' needs. 

Our Business

As a new business we strive to learning and meeting more students' needs. This means we want to keep expanding and finding ways to make it easier for students to get started in university. We want to make moving in easier, especially for students starting university and going to a new accommodation. 

Our Packs can cut out the hassle of going store-to-store trying to find everything on your moving-in-list. I’ve been involved in student businesses for the past 4 years. I know that the products aimed at Students are cheap and low quality.  However, my ambition is to offer students more elegant and rich products so that they have more options. That’s why Our Packs are high quality and come from well-known brands. I want Our Packs to make student accommodations feel like a five-star hotel.

Our Packs

We cut the hassle making it easier for you. Begin your new life in style.