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If you have anymore questions you can reach us at info@unistudentpacks.com 

Our Packs

We offer 3 ranges of packs to suit your needs and budget:

Our Style Packs are for the students on a budget. It may have a lower cost however, the items are still high quality. It will make your new accommodation more homely.

Our Luxury Packs offer all the essentials a new student will need with well-known brands they can trust. The products are made with high quality that will last.

Our Elegance packs offers students a more luxurious and lavish style. They are designed to make your rooms feel like a 5-star hotel you won't want to leave. The Premier Packs will make you want to invite people over and show off your new home.

Our Packs are made for single beds. However, if you would like a larger bed pack, send us an email and we will change the sizing for you. 

Email us at info@unistudentpacks.com

We currently do not offer add-on items with Our Packs. Our Packs contain the essentials for a new student. If you feel like we are missing out on a common item message us at our insta @uni_studentpacks 

Your Order

You can order your Pack(s) whenever you are ready. We recommend waiting until you have a confirmed living accommodation. This will make it easier to move in and unpack. 

If you are missing an item from your pack, please email us at info@unistudentpacks.com 

We will be happy to sort out your situation. 

If this happens please send us an email with a photo of the damaged item. Our email is  info@unistudentpacks.com

For more information on our return policies please look at our terms and conditions

If you are still going to a University in the UK, we can arrange for your Pack to be delivered to you, at no extra charge as long as the pack has not yet been dispatched.

If you no longer require the pack, then we can cancel your order (if it has not left our warehouse) or take it back (if it has left us) for a small handling fee.

We can cancel the order and refund the bank card used and you will not be charged. Just email us info@unistudentpacks.com


We offer one standard shipping. Once you have placed your order we will have it ready for you when you move in...

You can get your package delivered anywhere you need across the UK, including your home, University halls/house or University front desk. If you are unsure about where to get the pack delivered please email us so we can help. info@unistudentpacks.com

We recommend ordering your Pack(s) when you have a confirmed living accommodation so that it is easier for you to move in and unpack. However, if you are in process of ordering a pack, just use your current living address. 

Yes you can, if you are unsure about how to do this please email us and we can contact the University for you. info@unistudentpacks.com

Most University halls of residence have post rooms for specific blocks. Find out the postcode and address of your closest post room and enter that address at the checkout.