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10 Ways To Style Your Room

Maybe you've moved into a new room or your old one needs redecorating, we have 10 top tips to make your room stylish and Instagram-ready. 

1. Keep it simple

Don't overcrowd it. Stick to 3 main pieces: bed, desk, wardrobe. Less is more, and it's easier to clean up.

2. Store it away

Use storage as a way to keep items hidden and to look more organized. Clean room, clean mind. 

3. Colour Match

Match your item to the walls. Try choosing items that compliment your walls. Remember Black, White and Grey go with everything, add colour to make it pop.

4. Sleep Tight

Having matching bedding is an easy way to style a room. It looks clean and is nice to sleep in, so that's a bonus. You could have a simple white bedspread if your room is already filled with colour. 

5. Throw that Blanket

A throw blanket is an easy way to look like you've put effort into your bedroom. It makes it more homely and comfy. Plus in the winter you can snuggle up. 

6. Picture it

Frame some pictures or buy some art. Add it to your walls to turn a plain wall into an art gallery.

7. Bring the outdoors in

Plants, flowers, cactus. They brighten up a room, add colour and bring life. 

8. Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirrors can fill empty space and be used as decorations. Who doesn't want to know what they look like before they leave the house?

9. Add magic

Fairy lights. They're simple and can bring light to the room. Hang them over your bed, by the door/window or around the room. They make your room feel magical.

10. Last but not least...

Make it yours. If you want a rug. Put a rug. If you want a neon beer sign. Put a neon beer sign. Add your own personal touches to make it right for you. You can look up inspiration and make it fit your style.